Professional (editorial and film related) services offered by Fábio M. Barreto include – but not limit – the options listed below.
Inquiries, pricing and and other info, please write to this e-mail or use the Contact Me page.

  • leitura Crítica

    “Even though the manuscript consultation attempts to offer an objective analysis, it’ll ever be the professional vision of the consultant. What makes it valuable is to rely on a reader that will identify whatever’s necessary to improve the work, regardless of the author’s feelings. Barreto pinpoints weak points – logic, rhythm, consistency, language, clearness and coherence, etc – and helps the author to understand them better. A good reader does not overwhelms the writer, nor demands chances, but offers suggestions, explains why and how the editorial market will react to each one, and, above it all, tells the truth. Barreto is a committed professional, whose opinion must be respected. His help will always be welcomed!”
    Vitoria Alves, writer.

    “Besides being and excellent professional, Fábio M. Barreto really commits to his projects, offering his suggestions in a very straight forward fashion. I have no doubt that his consultation has been fundamental for the new ways my book is following. I hope to have him by my side in future novels!”
    Alexandre Carfer, writer of “Kimera – O Conto dos Vampiros”.

    I have worked hard as a daily newspaper writer, book editor, screenwriter and novelist, so I can aid you with accurate and detailed consultation for completed manuscripts, which are returned with full notes, suggestions for improvement in the writing and presentation. Remember, editors have long term memories, so why risking it all before having someone experienced checking your work out?

  • traducao

    “He is somewhere deep beneath the ground: in a tunnel, perhaps, or a sewer. Light comes in flickers, defining the darkness, not dispelling it. He is not alone. There are other people walking beside him, although he cannot see their faces. They are running, now, through the inside of the sewer, splashing through the mud and filth. Droplets of water fall slowly through the air, crystal clear in the darkness.
    He turns a corner, and the beast is waiting for him.
    It is huge. It fills the space of the sewer: massive head down, bristled body and breath steaming in the chill of the air. Some kind of boar, he thinks at first, and then realizes that no boar could be so huge. It is the size of a bull, of a tiger, of an ox.
    It stares at him, and it pauses for a hundred years, while he lifts his spear. He glances at his hand, holding the spear, and observes that it is not his hand: the arm is furred with dark hair, the nails are almost claws.
    And then the beast charges.”

    Ele está em algum lugar nas profundezas abaixo da superfície: num túnel, talvez, ou nos dutos de escoamento de esgoto. A luz bruxuleia, definindo a escuridão em vez de afugenta-la. Ele não está sozinho. Há outras pessoas andando à sua volta, embora ele não consiga ver seus rostos. Estão correndo, agora, dentro do esgoto, pisando forte, jogando lama e sujeira para todos os lados. Gotas d’água caem lentamente pelo ar, cristalinas na escuridão.
    Ele faz uma curva e a fera esta à sua espera.
    É enorme. Ocupa todo o espaço do túnel: cabeça volumosa e abaixada, corpo coberto com pelos ouriçados e a respiração condensada no ar frio. Um tipo de javali, ele pensa inicialmente, e, então, conclui que nenhum javali poderia ser tão grande. É do tamanho de um touro, de um tigre, de um boi.
    Os olhos da fera estão fixos nele e ela faz uma pausa de cem anos, enquanto ele ergue a lança. Ele olha para a mão que segura a lança e repara que aquela não é sua mão: o braço está coberto com pelos negros e as unhas são quase garras.
    E então a fera avança.
    Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere / Lugar Nenhum

    I’m an expert in all things Fiction, Fantasy and journalistic based novels. Over the years, I have has translated works by major names, and classic novels, such as Neil Gaiman, Isaac Asimov, Sol Yurick, David Kusher and William Dietrich to, and from, Brazilian Portuguese. I also do copydesk and text preparation. Contact me for schedule openings.

  • producao

    “The experience of directing on a set produced by Barreto was great! He guarantees lots of peace of mind, allow the ideal work conditions and the right structure for the shoot, within the expected parameters. All of my requests were fulfilled quickly, with professional attitude, on a stress free environment.”
    – Guilherme De Lucca, Kairos Filmes.

    “Working remotely demands more than professional and technical skills. During our voice over production, Barreto committed immensely to the project, being efficient, transparent and foreseeing demands, and choosing the right decisions, in order to ensure quality and to respect the deadline.”
    Leandro Bulkool, produtor na Quadratta Comunicação e Design

    The mix of teachings from the masters of the market, hands on experience and a solid cinematographic education allow me to direct and coordinate a series of audio and visual projects with quality, on a timely fashion and on budget.

  • ghostwriting

    Need a script, novel, short story or specific piece written according to you needs, ideas and to fulfill your objectives? Say no more. Send me the briefing in and get back a polished – and ready to shoot/print – story in the format of your choosing.

  • consultoria

    We all need help, someone to share ideas, test concepts and, if only, to help us remain on the right track. If you need a guide within the realms of sci-fi, fiction and fantasy, let’s talk. I have much to share and guidance to offer. Depending on your idea, it may even be free of charge. You never know. 😉


Fábio M. Barreto novelista de ficção, roteirista e diretor de cinema e TV. Atuou como criador de conteúdo multimídia, mentor literário e é escritor premiado e com vários bestsellers na Amazon. Criador do podcast "Gente Que Escreve" e da plataforma
Atualmente, vive em Brasília com a família.

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