About the Author

Fábio M. Barreto is a communicator, writer and filmmaker specialized in culture. He acts as multimedia content creator, literary mentor and award winning writer from his base in Los Angeles, California. In 2017, he refocused his career to become a full-time film and TV director and writer.

Raised in the major Brazilian daily newsrooms, including O Estado de S.Paulo, Jornal da Tarde and spells with Época Magazine, Rolling Stone Brazil and Veja Online, and battle-tested as a Hollywood international stringer, Barreto has dedicated his 17 year old career to the entertainment and culture, which grants him the status of pop culture reference in Brazil even before it became pop. He has at the helm of specialized magazines, interviewed – and worked with – many major content creators of his time, such as James Cameron and J.J. Abrams, and is one of the few Brazilian professionals capable of easily navigating between film, literature and games, through his experience and understanding of the needs of such audiences.

Compulsive creator and writer by calling, Barreto is also a celebrated author – for “Filhos do Fim do Mundo”, his award winning debut novel – and literary mentor to several young Brazilian authors. He writes fiction, terror and fantasy screenplays, short stories and novels for the competitive North-American market and has produced several short-films, TV commercials and educational videos.

Barreto complements his activities as olympic archer, novel translation (of authors such as Neil Gaiman, Sol Yurick), respected nationwide podcaster and game concept creation.


Associate Degree in Cinema Production – LACC/Hollywood
Post-Graduation in Speech Analysis and English Language – UNIP/SP
Bacharel in Communication and Multimedia Journalism – USJT/SP